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Where it All Began

Jackie's Secrets began in the kitchen with a desire to see her daughter eat her vegetables. So, she went to her mother's remedy spices.

"I grew up with a cupboard full of spices and began to experiment with different spice combinations. I knew that spices carry great health and taste benefits".

As she added various spices to her family's daily meals, her daughter would request 'Not more meat, but vegetables'. She knew that she had struck a gold mine with her.


About Jackie


I am a happily married woman with a beautiful family and two kids. A Daughter and a Son. I also work full-time as a law enforcement officer who enjoys great-tasting food and often shares some of her recipes with her neighbors and friends.

The success of this business allows me to help incarcerated women to dream beyond their past and not let it limit their dreams and aspirations. I strongly believe that God is not limited to our past but we must be willing to move beyond our limits to take on a new perspective.

I am inspired to create a movement for women who had a misfortune in their lives and to inspire them to dream again.

Jackie's secrets is that place where you can take inspiration from God and do what he has called you to do.

A percentage of our proceeds will go to women organizations that help women become what they are created to be.

Image by Calum Lewis

Jackie's Secrets

A Little more about the Business

Jackie's secrets is about inspiration. Inspiring others to launch out into the deep with service to others. To take God-inspired ideas and to make them come into reality. That is how Jackie's secrets came about.

While I was serving my family with home-cooked meals for years, one day as I was feeding someone that I was not normally inclined to feed, I felt inspired to launch this business. I never intended to make this available to masses, until one day I felt the heavens say "Market this seasoning mix". And here we are.


I believe God gave me this idea to inspire individuals and people around the globe that we all have something to contribute to society. To make the world a better place.


All we have to do is get busy serving others and those ideas jump out at us instantaneously.

Image by Abbie Whiddett
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